Meeting physical needs

Northern Kenya, a marginalised region, where most people live as nomadic pastoralists facing increasingly difficult living conditions

Meeting practical needs

In some areas 90% of the population is illiterate. Young people desperately need practical help to bring new skills to their communities

Meeting educational needs

Kisima Secondary School, a free residential school for 160 boys and girls aged between 14 and 18 years mainly from northern Kenya.

The Educational Frontier Trust (TEFT) is a UK registered charity providing funding for the educational needs of marginalised and vulnerable children in Kenya.

What We Do

TEFT supports a Kenyan charity, the Kisima Trust, and its educational project Kisima School which works with communities mainly in northern Kenya, in particular pastoralist communities.

Northern Kenya is a marginalised region affected by recurrent drought, banditry and violent conflict and has virtually no public services. High percentages of the traditional pastoralist communities are illiterate and many now depend on relief aid for survival.

Kisima School selects children from these communities on the basis of need and potential and gives them the opportunity to transform their lives through academic achievement. A secondary education and the chance to progress to university offers these children new skills and training that can change their lives and bring new life to their families and communities.


Kisima School

Visit the Kisima website

10 teachers teach the Kenyan national curriculum to 160 children, 80 boys and 80 girls. The students sit the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education in their fourth and final year. Their results determine whether they progress to university or other colleges and levels of government financial support.

Kisima School is located on a five acre site at Nyahururu, approximately 240km northwest of Nairobi. The school site includes classrooms, staff rooms, a dining room (which also doubles as the school hall), kitchens, dormitories, a games field and teachers’ accommodation. Vegetables for the school kitchen are grown in a large greenhouse and all other available space around the buildings. Goats are also kept near the games field.

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Harvest Supper at Christ Church Chorleywood


This year's Harvest Supper provided a chance to chat with friends and hear more about Kisima School.
Richard Walton, Chair, (pictured) told us how Kisima works and also how it began when two Christians got chatting on a bus in London and shared an amazing vision to build a school for the pastoralist communities in Kenya. His son, Josh, gave us a personal and moving account of his visit to the school and Susie Turnbull talked about fundraising efforts/events this year and what's in the pipeline for 2018.
A great evening was had by all!

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