Looking for the Perfect Christmas gift?

TEFT is fundraising so the team at Kisima School can purchase a new Toyota Land Cruiser. So whether you're buying for a car lover, looking for something quirky or just feeling generous, this is the gift for you.

Over the last seventeen years the team at Kisima School have found the Land Cruiser to be the most reliable and durable vehicle for accessing communities across northern Kenya. Its suspension absorbs the gruelling journey on uneven terrain like no other vehicle and its reliability is key as breakdowns in remote areas can put lives at risk. It is vital in helping us reach children in remote villages with the offer of a free secondary education.

Our current vehicle has served us faithfully but needs replacing. So, this Christmas help us give the school a new Land Cruiser by giving someone you love the gift of a steering wheel or a set of tyres or even the whole chassis!

We are aiming to raise £10,000 to contribute towards the purchase of the Land Cruiser. Find out more about why we’re fundraising and what you will receive.

By purchasing a gift below, you will make a donation towards the new Land Cruiser. In return you will receive a special card and letter which you can give at Christmas and the recipients name will be added to a special plaque at the school.

If you purchase a gift after 18th December we can not guarantee receipt of the card, so we will also send a copy of the gift letter by email.

How to Purchase a Gift

Select your gift by clicking the blue button beneath your chosen vehicle part. You will be taken to a PayPal secure page where you may donate with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

On the PayPal page, please use the "Write a note" option (below the giftaid box) to let us know the name of the person who will receive this gift.

You will then be returned to our website to confirm your donation.

Vehicle Frame

Would this fit under the tree? The frame of the Land Cruiser, vital for holding everything together.


It's not Santa's sleigh, but it's very close. The Land Cruiser chassis, the foundation of the vehicle.


With 180 Reindeer power. The Land Cruiser engine drives it forward.


The ideal Winter Warmer! Just what you need for Christmas!

Petrol Tank

Full of turkey and stuffing? The petrol tank is the belly of the Land Cruiser.

Stack of Tyres

To keep them on the right track. Four in a set (with an extra for Christmas emergencies).

Steering Wheel

Ideal for steering you home for Christmas. Turns both left and right.


Not meant for charging Christmas tree lights. Keeps the Land Cruiser fully energised.

Driver's Seat

Vital for driving and controlling which Christmas songs play on the radio.

Set of Windows

Vital for watching the snow fall whilst staying warm. These windows come in a complete set.

Shock Absorbers

Ideal for avoiding surprises on Christmas morning. These shocks are key to the Land Cruisers reliability.

Pair of Headlights

Lights the way! (Just like Rudolph’s nose)!

Set of Pedals

Makes the reindeers stop and go. These pedals will get the Land Cruiser to where it needs to be.


The start of all great adventures! The Land Cruiser ignition gets you home for Christmas.

Windscreen Wipers

Helps show the way home. (And very useful for clearing the snow from your windscreen).


How much are we trying to raise?

The cost of a good second-hand Land Cruiser is around £46,000 and we will raise more than half that from the sale of our existing one and funds already donated. This leaves us with a target of £10,000 which we hope to raise through this campaign.

Please note that any funds raised above our campaign target will contribute towards the general running of the Kisima School.

What will you receive for your gift?

After purchasing your gift we will send you a special TEFT / Land Cruiser Christmas Card that you can give to the recipient. This will be accompanied by a letter outlining what you have purchased and how the Land Cruiser will have such a positive impact on the children of Kisima School.

What happens when I make a purchase?

When making your purchase you will be taken to a separate page hosted by PayPal where you can enter your details and pay securely. You will then be returned to the TEFT website. You will have the option to Gift Aid your donation.