The Educational Frontier Trust (TEFT) is a UK registered charity which supports children's education for marginalised and vulnerable communities in northern Kenya, in particular pastoralist communities.

Mission Statement

TEFT supports Kisima Trust, a Kenyan charity working with people mainly from northern Kenya, in particular pastoralist communities.

Northern Kenya experiences recurrent drought, banditry, violent conflict and has virtually no public services. High percentages of the population are illiterate and depend on relief aid for survival.

The project is Kenyan-inspired and Kenyan-led and, through high quality education, aims to help young people become more self-determining and steer themselves out of dependence and marginalisation.

The aspiration of Kisima Trust and TEFT is that many of these young people will return to live and work in their home communities, bringing knowledge, confidence and resilience to decision-making about issues that really matter to them.

How We Work

TEFT raises funds to support Kisima School, a residential mixed secondary school for 160 children, 80 boys and 80 girls, and works closely with its management staff.

Although they have common aims TEFT and Kisima Trust are independent organisations. TEFT holds Kisima Trust accountable for the grants and funding it receives from TEFT.

The Trustees of TEFT meet regularly to review the grants made to Kisima Trust and to plan and manage its UK-based fundraising activities.