Kisima Newsletters

Goodbye to Form Four!

Nov 2023

And they’re off! On Saturday our Form Fours loaded their belongings onto various forms of transport and headed home! We wish them all the best as they catch up with family and friends, await their exam results and look forward to their next steps in life.

Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging messages during the exam period – we shared these with the students. And special thanks to the sponsors and other supporters who made these young people's secondary education possible.

Building works at Kisima

Sept 2023

As you can see, our original school building is now dwarfed by the new I.C.T. and teaching block that is under construction! The main structure is complete and other works are progressing well. Here are some members of the hard-working team who are busy plastering, welding, wiring and more.

Form Four Physics

Sept 2023

Later this term the Form Four students will be taking their national exams that mark the end of their secondary education. These exams include practicals in the three science subjects, so their teachers are giving them plenty of opportunities to practise, such as last week’s Physics practical which required them to determine the resistance of a wire. Does this bring back memories of your school days?!

Happy Mashujaa Day!

October 2023

Today is the day that Kenyans remember the country’s heroes – not only those who fought for independence, but people from all walks of life who are helping to build the nation and change individual lives. To everyone who supports Kisima in any way – you are our heroes.

Although it is a public holiday, sadly time did not allow the students to have a break from their studies and exams. But at least the day was marked with some sweet treats here and there!

Chicken Project!

August 2023

Term came to an end just over a week ago and the students are now at home for a short holiday. The Form Four Agriculture students had some unusual travelling companions as each of them had been given a chicken to take home! Their Agriculture teacher is keen for them to put theory into practice and start a small poultry-keeping project.

Harvest Time!

July 2023

It's harvest time for the Form Four Agriculture students! Last term they planted carrots for their assessed project, and they've been carefully tending their plots since then. Their yields are excellent and the carrots are delicious!

Thank you God for the rain!

March 2022

After a very long dry spell, we are saying thank you God for some rain!

Happy Easter!

10th April 2023

Here in Kenya the end of term is not until 20th April, so we celebrated Easter in school. For the Form One students this included being presented with a Gideons New Testament and a Kiswahili hymn book. Hope you all had a happy Easter!

Results are in!

Jan 2023

Many congratulations to our Form Fours of 2022, who achieved the following results in their K.C.S.E. exams:
A- 6
B+ 10
B 9
B- 8
C+ 1
C 2

School mean score: 9.17

They and their teachers worked very hard, especially during the post-covid time of extra lessons and short holidays, and their results are a great credit to them. We wish them all the best as they plan for their next steps in life, at university or college.

New roof!

November 2022

Thanks to a very generous donation, we have been able to renovate the roof of the dining hall and kitchen. The faded, rusty and mismatched iron sheets have been replaced with new red ones, and we hope you agree it is a great improvement!

Biology lesson mandazi (doughnuts)!

October 2022

The Form 2 students have been learning about yeast in their Biology lessons. What better way to put theory into practice than to cook some mandazi (a kind of doughnut)?!

RuthJane Nyaboke Misati

October 2022

Last week we were extremely sad to hear of the death of one of our former students, RuthJane Nyaboke Misati. RuthJane joined Kisima in 2015 and always gave her best in her studies, despite experiencing a number of health issues that caused her to miss a lot of school time. In 2019 she transferred to another school as she had been advised to move to a warmer part of the country, and it is there that she took her KCSE exams and scored a B+. She visited Kisima in June 2021 and spent some hours speaking to the students – her determination and her ability to persevere through many challenges were an inspiration to them in their different situations.
RuthJane then proceeded to university, whilst still struggling with her health, and it was while there that she was suddenly taken ill and died. We pray for her family and friends in their great loss and are thankful for her faith in God - her hopes for this life have been cut short, but she had an eternal hope.

Visitors from the UK

9 August 2022

Today, 9th August, is general election day here in Kenya. The government had scheduled a mid-term break for this time, but last week they suddenly brought this forward and ordered that all schools in the country had to close, with only a day’s notice. So the Kisima students are at home again, only three and a half weeks after coming back from their last holiday. They are set to return to school on Sunday 14th, as long as the country remains peaceful after the election, which we pray it does. The terms are already short as schools continue to catch up after the COVID disruption, so more time out of school adds to the pressure for students and teachers.
In the week before the school closed, we enjoyed a visit from two of our sponsors from the UK. John Baldwin and Barbara Kolator have sponsored students since our first class in 2005 but this was their first time to visit Kisima. As always, the students welcomed them with singing and dancing and were happy to have them attend some of their lessons. John and Barbara donated many books for the library and Barbara shared her love of knitting with a crowd of interested students. Trips out and about included seeing the school farm and visiting a student’s home in the neighbourhood. Their two current sponsored students were especially happy to meet them, but we all enjoyed their time with us and thank them for all their support.

Rainy days at Kisima

27 August 2022

Kisima may be only 500m from the equator, but it is also about 2,360m above sea level and can get very cold. We have had a lot of rain recently and even a couple of showers of hail! There was definitely no going on the field for games yesterday, so indoor pursuits were the order of the day!

Biology lesson mandazi (doughnuts)!

October 2022

The Form 2 students have been learning about yeast in their Biology lessons. What better way to put theory into practice than to cook some mandazi (a kind of doughnut)?!

Alumni Day

June 2022

After two years of covid disruption, it was a joy to once again be able to hold our alumni weekend, which was attended by former students from nearly all our past classes. They spoke to the current students and ran group discussions, sharing their experiences at Kisima and beyond and giving advice about school life, university applications, career choices and more. They also brought gifts for the school, including rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil and novels for the library. Thanks everyone for all your input and support!

The K.C.S.E. results are out!

April 2022

The K.C.S.E. results are out and our students have achieved another great performance. The school mean score was 8.9444, and the number of students with each grade was as follows:
A- 6
B+ 7
B 9
B- 9
C+ 3
C 2
Congratulations to them all and many thanks to our teachers, other staff and supporters who helped make this possible.

Exam time!

March 2022

The Form Fours are nearly half-way through their K.C.S.E. exams, which continue until Friday 1st April. We wish them great success in the exams and as they move on to the next steps in their lives.

End of Term Fun!

March 2022

Term has ended for Form One, Two and Three, but a highlight in the last week was a students vs. staff football match! The students made a great start and when the score got to 4-1 they felt confident of victory. But the staff finally found their form and made an amazing comeback to win 5-4. Congratulations to the teachers, cooks and others who made up the winning team.

Visitors from Sweden

Jan 2022

Earlier this term it was great to have a visit from the Westergren family from Sweden - Daniel, his Kenyan wife Salandi, and their three young children, Loseku, Lapanu and Namitu. Daniel has been involved with Kisima for twenty years - even before the school began - and he shared with the students something of that history. The family had just spent some weeks in Northern Kenya and Daniel also spoke about the impact being made by former students in that region - with encouragement that the current students should aim to do the same when they too finish their studies and return to their home communities.

Happy New Year from everyone at Kisima!

Jan 2022

Having headed home on 21st December, the students came back on 3rd January, ready to tackle the last term of the academic year. This is a double exam year - the Form Fours will take their national exams in March and then the next class will take theirs in December - so there is plenty of work to be done!

Vaccination Time!

Feb 2022

Queue up, sign up, roll up those sleeves and get vaccinated! The school library was temporarily turned into a clinic when staff from a nearby health centre came to carry out COVID vaccination. Almost all the students got vaccinated - a few chose not to and a few were too young as only those aged fifteen and above were eligible. Thankfully, those who had the jab seem to have experienced minimal side effects. In Kenya, the COVID case numbers have been falling steadily since Christmas and are now very low again, so we thank God for all that good news.

Talent show time!

Oct 2021

Excitement is in the air as the students are preparing for a Talent Show tomorrow - the first special event in school since we reopened after the COVID closure. Singers and dancers have been rehearsing, artists have been busy drawing, and those who are taking part in the fashion show have been putting their costumes together - the games kit store provided various items, while members of staff have supplied bracelets, baskets, cardboard boxes, aluminium foil and more!